The Story Of The Creative

July 25, 2013

The Story Of The Creative at The Angel Orensanz Fondation, 172 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002 ( 18:00 EST July 25th, 2013. On exhibition the drawing of the Kedros Goddess:

To be One

July 20, 2013

Throughout time the world has been the plane of discovery for human kind. We as human beings are in constant search for the what, why and how we are here and the purpose we have here as well as our relationship to the Other... I am composing, collecting and formulating the metaphor of men I know and I have a connection to in celebration of their masculine myth while discovering the metaphor that connects them to Nature. My interest is stimulated by my curiosity of what makes the male and female connect to one another; in essence it is to be One.

Traditions, Women, Beliefs

Juòy 18, 2013

A research project dedicated to the contemporary survival of women, procreation, and family life, of all cultures worldwide

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Nurturing heart form
The Eucalyptus Goddess
Protects her world.

(Haiku from "Modern Goddess Project")

Modern Goddess Project

Our knowledge acquired from experience affects us throughout our lifetime and constructs the walls of our present self...

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